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SAND – The Danish national organisation for homeless people

SAND is a user organisation for the homeless or the formerly homeless in Denmark. We speak the case of those who otherwise have nobody to speak their case. We provide a social and political platform for marginalised people, and actively support the establishment of tenants’ councils in all hostels for the homeless. Representatives from the tenants’ councils gather regionally in the regional SAND committees. The regional committees work on a local level and several have close connections with local politicians and are asked for advice when decisions within our field need to be made.

SAND’s board consists solely of users and all regional committees are represented. The board lays out the overall strategy of the organisation in collaboration with the secretariat and set up various working groups, e.g. women and homelessness, international issues, alternative housing etc. in which all volunteers are welcome to participate.  

The secretariat is the umbrella covering all the regional units and helping out where needed. We arrange regional meetings for the committees, we kit them out with information and knowledge, and we arrange education and courses for our volunteers and other homeless people who might be interested. Furthermore, we publish a monthly newsletter which is distributed to all hostels throughout the country.  

App. 150 presently or formerly homeless do volunteer work in SAND. 


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